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How much do the Hubble Membership Plans cost?

Hubble Membership Plans allow you to view, save and download the past 5, 14, or 30 days of motion-activated video-recordings, view a Daily Video Summary of all the clips from the previous day as well as additional features and functionalities. 

To check the pricing and functions for your location, visit www.hubbleconnected.com/plans

If you would prefer not to subscribe, our Freemium Plan includes the following features: 

  •  Free live video streaming; 
  •  Motion, Sound* and Temperature* notifications for the previous 24-hours on your camera timeline; 
  •  Baby Growth & Development Tracker; 
  •  Expert Sleep Tips & Videos; 
  •  Lullabies, etc. 
*Note: Sound and temperature notifications are dependent on the camera model you have.


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