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How do I check what Hubble Membership Plan I have?

Using the Hubble web app on your PC:

Using the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app:
  • Open Hubble for Motorola Monitors app;
  • Go to your Account page;
  • Under ‘Manage Plan’ it indicate which Hubble Membership Plan you have subscribed to.

  • Open the Plans tab, where your current plan is listed as well. 

To check if a Hubble Membership Plan is applied to a specific camera:
  • Go to Camera Details.

  • If you see the plan listed under 'Current Plan' it means it is applied to that camera. (If not applied the Plan is listed as ‘none’.)

  • Open the Plans tab, where you see your camera(s) listed and indicated whether the Hubble Membership Plan is linked to it or not.
If you subscribed but the Hubble Membership Plan is not applied to your camera(s), visit your account page at www.hubbleconnected.com and select to apply the Hubble Membership Plan to your camera(s). You can do the same within the mobile app in the Plans tab, using the sliders to (de-)activate the Hubble Membership Plan.


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